Our History

       Central Stark County Soil Conservation District is that portion of Stark County east of the range line between 95 and 96 west of the 5th Principal meridian. This area encompasses approximately 756 square miles of land.

       Western Stark County Soil Conservation District was organized in the fall of 1942 and consisted of 10 townships. Additions have been made in Stark County and all of Billings County east of the Little Missouri River. When Billings County became a major portion of the District the word Stark was dropped from the name and our District became the "Western Soil Conservation District". Our district covers approximately 974,475 acres. This also includes a large acreage of the Nation Grasslands, which we included in ranches as it is used by the ranchers for grazing lands as a part of the units.

     On the primary vote in June 2016 the patrons of both districts were asked if they could be consolidated and after receiving approval on January 2017, the two districts consolidated into one district which is now name, Stark and Billings Soil Conservation District.




Governing Body 

"The governing body is comprised of 5 people. (3) elected members that serve for a 6 year term and (2) members that are appointed on a yearly basis."


Our Mission

       The mission of the  Stark and Billings Soil Conservation Districts is to promote soil and water conservation by offering financial, technical, informational, educational assistance and opportunities to the people of the district.