Natural Resources Survey

 The Stark and Billings Soil Conservation District is interested in suggestions,   opinions, ideas, and concerns in our District regards to the natural resources field. Is   there concerns in the education/information, technical assistance and/or the   availability of equipment to our local farmers and ranchers? Please rate in your   opinion the importance the following: (A) Soil Testing  (B)   Crop/Range Tours            (C) Workshops. We also are looking at getting into equipment to rent. Please list the   importance the following: (A)  15' No Till Drill  (B)  Post Pounder/Driver  (C)  Land   Leveler/Roller  (D)  Manure Spreader  (E) OK Corral (F)  Other:_____________________. 

 We are also open for other suggestions or wants. Please fill out the form below and   give us   your opinion.