North Dakota Forest

Service Cost Share Program

 Is your windbreak aged, diseased, or missing a lot of trees? Not sure what to do or how to start a windbreak renovation project? The North Dakota Forest Service has a new program that can help. Cost-shared practices include row removal, coppicing, thinning, pruning, hand planting, machine planting, weed barrier, tree tubes and more. Simply fill out the questionnaire, and a forester will be in touch with you later on this year. Applications are continuous but the deadline for the 1st pool is August 15th. For more information and to fill out the questionnaire, go to:

  N. D. Outdoor Heritage             Fund Tree                        Program Grant

Need trees, but haven't qualified for a cost share program? Though a grant received from the North Dakota Outdoor Heritage Fund, our district maybe able to help fund your tree planting. A landowner is eligible to receive 60% cost-share of the total project costs, up to $25,000 for trees, machine planting and fabric application & tree tubes on at-risk species. If this is of interest to you, contact Bob Klien at the S&B Soil Conservation office by calling:

                225-3811 Ext 3.